Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My most anticipated films of 2013

2013? Wow. The world didn't explode. What a shock!

Well, either way, we are currently residing in the year 2013. So far, it sounds like it has been a very middling year for film so far. The highest-grossing film is Oz: The Great and Powerful, a film that has garnered mixed reviews from critics. Texas Chainsaw 3D is said to be the bottom of the barrel for the franchise (I haven't seen that film, but for some reason, I believe those people). And need we mention Movie 43? It's currently unseen by me and given the vitriol and disgust for the film, I feel any comment about it will force the world into a vomiting epidemic, so I'll cease commenting. I might end up seeing it, seeing how I hate myself.

Anyway, I was thinking that Identity Thief was one of my anticipated films of 2013. However, that film has received a heavy heaping of scorn. Even Spill.com awarded the film with a rare F**k You rating! Damn. Maybe I'm missing something.

However, I started thinking of this one film that looked astonishing to me and then one thing lead to another and then, the idea occured to me to post my anticipated films of 2013 because all five of my readers might care! Now, I'm not going to post a list. In fact, I only have two anticipated films because, like a woman pregnant with twins on her 9th month, I am equally ecstatic for their arrival.

So, drumroll please! My two most anticipated films are...Oblivion and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Why? Well, to quote Shrek 2, "Let's explore that, shall we?"

I was instantly excited for Oblivion the moment I saw the trailer for the first time. The effects...look...PHENOMENAL!! I actually had no idea what it was about until I looked it up on WIkipedia and the PLOT sounds awesome! The fact that Tom Cruise has been in Minority Report AND Vanilla Sky? Yes! Morgan Freeman? OH, FRACK YEAH!!

Now as far as Catching Fire, anyone who has read my Hunger Games review knows how much I adore the source material the first one was based on. I am actually currently reading the second book as part of my goal to finish the book before the film comes out. So far, it's spectacular! Better than the first book! Plus, I trust the material in newly-appointed director Francis Lawrence's hands. One of Lawrence's credits is I Am Legend. If Lawrence follows that and makes something of a junior version of that, it could end up being one of my favorite films of all time. Plus, I just wanna see Jennifer Lawrence again                                                                                                                   
  • a) because of her constant sexiness
  • and b) because of her breathtaking performance in my favorite film of 2012, Silver Linings Playbook, that preceded this film
However, those two films actually do have a common bond that makes me anxious and giddy for their arrival. Both films have a writing credit, in some manner, of Michael Arndt.


Michael Arndt is a screenwriter who has built up quite a reputation. His screenwriting debut was Little Miss Sunshine, a very good film. That film won him an Oscar for the screenplay. His second screenwriting foray was Toy Story 3. It got him nominated for an Oscar and the film was loved by everyone, including me, and it is currently the highest-grossing animated film of all time! That's why I am anticipating these two films. Plus, I am putting out a guarantee that if Oblivion rocks, Catching Fire is gonna rock!

However, while I can't see Catching Fire faltering, maybe Oblivion will. Michael Arndt is merely a co-writer for the film, so maybe the other writers don't put Arndt to any legit, exceptional use. Maybe Tom Cruise didn't bring his A-game. Maybe it just drags for long periods of time. Maybe the storytelling is incoherent. Maybe it's just a big bag of style over substance. Couuld this be true? Possibly. I sure as hell hope not. However, seeing how the rest of 2013's selections either come off as weak, unoriginal, or both, I'm putting ALL of my faith and trust in these two films.

Will I see these two films in theaters? Maybe. Seeing how I don't work a job and I don't get paid for writing these reviews (because no one has smartened up and realized that I am a good writer who should receive fame and payment), I may not be financially able to. Will I try to go see them? Damn straight!

Well, now that you all know my most antipicated films of 2013, what are yours? Comment down below. Plus, if by chance you have a free screener copy or free pirated copy or a free link to either of these two films, let me know. ;-) Just kidding! Anyway, tell me what your most anticipated film, or films, of 2013 is. Go ahead! Fire away! Later!

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